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6 Facts about Negotiating for Higher Salary

Fact 1: Most Job Applicants fear and avoid negotiating for higher salaries. Why? Researchers have revealed reasons like; fear of the employer’s reaction and perception, fear of losing the job offer and fear of poorly negotiating.

Fact 2: Job applicants who negotiate for higher salaries receive salaries and benefits of significantly greater value than those who don’t.

Fact 3: Most employers habitually offer you less than they ultimately expect to pay you with the hope that you will negotiate.

According to Pinkley and Northcraft (2000), 100% of employers agree that it is acceptable for an applicant to attempt to negotiate a job offer. Of those employers, 90 percent confirm that their initial offer was less because they expected the applicants to negotiate.

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Fact 4: Most employers often ask what salary you are looking for before making you an offer. If you are asked this question, first respond with a statement that acknowledges the importance of this topic but defers it until after the offer is made. Never engage in a premature Negotiation. Negotiation works better after you have talked about how you are the perfect fit for the position. Avoid a discussion of salary and compensation if you can until you have the employer convinced that they really want to hire you.

Fact 5: Negotiation needs proper planning. In order to hack the negotiation, ensure you have information about the specific issues you wish to negotiate (can be starting date, salary, vacations, shifts, insurance coverage, benefits e.t.c.), the package range (salary range works better than specific figures and information about your best alternative offer.

Fact 6: Ensure that your negotiation aims at a win-win situation. Note that when you ask for more than they want to pay you, demonstrate why you deserve better by using the value you may add to the organization. Your value is in the skills, accomplishments, experience and education you got, that is necessary for the role you have applied for.

100% of employers expect you to negotiate, so why not?

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