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7 Job Search Tips During the Pandemic

Many companies are shifting to remote work due to Coronavirus pandemic and an increasing number of workers are being laid off. Is it a good time to send in your resumes or should one assume that no one is hiring? I would say, keep networking and applying for jobs, as long as you change your approach and expectations.
The following tips will help you job search in the pandemic.

1. Acknowledge that things have changed now- Job search trends have changed, interview styles have changed and definitely what worked for you before may not work for you now.

2. Network remotely– Work on your LinkedIn profile and reach out to your Network STARS
Strategists, Targets, Allied forces, Role models, Supporters.

3. Keep looking, be patient- Do not give up if nothing in terms of your job target shows up. Also, if you have initial contact with an employer looking to hire, you can expect a longer hiring process.

4. Consider applying for ‘For now jobs’- Many companies in retail, logistics and health industries are hiring right now. If you’re not able to find full-time permanent work in your field, consider a temporary job while you continue your job search. It’s a great way to establish connections and earn income.

5. Get comfortable being on camera- Video job interviews and video resumes (visumes) are the new normal. Get comfortable using video chat and meeting tools and have your visume ready.

6. Update your skills- With many companies operating remotely, learn some relevant skills that most employers are looking for like technology skills. Be highly adaptable and acquire some change management skills. Then, include these skills and traits on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

7. Follow up- Remember to follow up if you haven’t heard from a company after applying. Following up will help keep you top of mind when companies start moving forward with hiring.

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