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How to answer the question ‘tell me about yourself’ in a job interview.

I remember one time while conducting a MOCK interview, I asked the question ‘Tell me about yourself’ to different interviewees. Its interesting how such a simple question confuses many people during interviews. The answers I got ranged from marital statuses to ethnical backgrounds.

Its important to understand what the interviewer is looking for when they ask you to tell them about yourself especially after they have read a lot of your details from your résumé and LinkedIn profile. The interviewer wants to feel confident that you are the type of a person who can do the job, will do the job and will get along with others while successfully doing the job. So, when answering this question its important that you focus on aspects of your life that illustrates your value as the best candidate for the role. Therefore, focus on the best you, from your elevator pitch.

Grab the attention of your interviewer(s) with a confident statement about yourself and the value you bring to the table. Support that statement with accomplishment statements using figures and specific facts. Then describe to the interviewers why they should hire you and not others.

Depending on your experience, education and the job you are applying for, your elevator pitch can include any or all of the following information.

  • Experience for the job
  • Level of education
  • Soft skills
  • Special relevant training, qualifications, licenses
  • Positions of leadership
  • Achievements

An example of a seasoned Human Resources Coordinator elevator pitch may look like this.

I am a certified Human Resources Coordinator with extensive knowledge and a vast experience in Talent acquisition, Onboarding, Processing payrolls and benefits, and Retaining staff. Additionally, I have a track record in coordinating employee incentive programs and keeping up to date on latest HR trends. Furthermore, I am a team player, quick learner and demonstrate high level of initiative.

So then, Tell me about yourself…

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  1. Opar

    Interesting read, I believe this can help build once confidence during interviews…

  2. Nancy Wangari Kinuthia

    This is great insight ,I guess I can tackle this better now with this knowledge. Thanks

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    A wonderful information. Thank you.

  4. Mellyne

    This is great. Somebody can fail an interview just because of this question and yet he/she has all the qualifications.

    1. Hi Mellyne,
      I totally agree, many people have failed in job interviews because of such questions.

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