How to Get an Alberta Driving License

If you are new to Alberta and need to obtain an Alberta driving license, here’s what you need to know.
For the first 90 days in the province, you may drive on your non-Alberta license thereafter you’ll need an Alberta driving license.
License types include:
Class 7: Learner’s license for cars and mopeds.
Class 6: Permits operation of a motorcycle or moped by yourself and serves as a learner permit for all class 5 motor vehicles.
Class 5: Full driver license for two-axle vehicles and mopeds.
Class 5-GDL: This is the Graduated Driver’s License for people who have passed a road test but have less than two years of driving experience. It carries sterner penalties and limitations, including the requirement of maintaining a 0% blood alcohol level.
If you come from any of the following countries, you will be able to exchange your existing license for an Alberta driving license without sitting a knowledge or road test.
Australia (Class 5 and 6)
Austria (Class 5)
Belgium (Class 5)
France (Class 5)
Germany (Class 5)
Isle of Man (Class 5 and 6)
Japan (Class 5)
Netherlands (Class 5)
Republic of Korea (Class 5)
Switzerland (Class 5 and 6)
Taiwan (Class 5)
United Kingdom (Northern Ireland – Class 5, and 6)
United Kingdom (England, Scotland & Wales – Class 5)
United States (Class 5, 6, and 7)
It is a requirement that you surrender your existing license in order to receive an Alberta driver license. In order to receive a full Class 5 license, and not a Class 5-GDL license, you must provide proof that you have more than two years of driving experience.
If your license is not from any of the above listed countries, you are required to pass a knowledge test to receive a Class 7 license, and then sit a road test to get a Class 5 license. If you do not have two years’ experience in driving you will receive a Class 5-GDL license, and then sit a road test once you have driven for two years to receive a full Class 5 license.

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