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How to Job Search During the Pandemic

Competition for job offers has become stiff as many people have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 pandemic. One thing that stands out however is the fact that there are industries that are still hiring out there. The following are tips to consider as you prepare for a very rigorous job search.

  1. Look who’s hiring: Conduct a quick research to know who’s hiring and know the skill sets they are looking for and how your experience can transfer to meet their needs.
  2. Update your resume: your resume needs to be tailored to match a job posting therefore match the keywords used for skills, experience and title sections of the job posting.
  3. Engage your network: Reach out to your supporters, targets, allied forces, and role models to help with connections, and introduction or a potential referrals.
  4. Sell yourself using a well crafted elevator pitch.
  5. Don’t hide the fact that you lost your job: Talk about it with the people you trust and get as much assistance as possible.
  6. Prepare a video resume especially now that many organizations are not conducting live interviews.
  7. Prepare you LinkedIn profile with updated information, make use of the summary section to plant your well prepared elevator pitch.
  8. Do not hesitate to negotiate for start dates and salaries.

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