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The Five Secrets of Success in Canada

Hundreds of immigrants have settled successfully in Canada and are creating a positive impact in the society. Immigrant Voices has stories about some very successful immigrants in Canada.

So what are they doing to be successful in Canada? Research has revealed that most of the successful immigrants have practiced the following secrets of success.

Willing to take risks- immigration itself is a huge risk that most people take. For some it ends up being the worst decision they ever made while for a majority it leads to their biggest accomplishment. After immigration, you find out that you need to take even more risks like, shifting career, or taking up survival jobs after working in big positions from your home country. Risk taking just never ends, by just being alive, you are signing up for more risks each day.

Embracing diversity- Most cities in Canada have a huge percentage of people from different nationalities. In the work environment you get to interact with diversity in terms of age, ethnicity, language competence, educational level and even beliefs. As an immigrant, the sooner you understand diversity and embrace it the easier it becomes for you to mingle and network with people around you. Most immigrants have a habit of staying and networking within their own cultural and ethnic groups so they can hang out with people that they’re comfortable with. This behavior limits their full understanding of the Canadian culture and the Canadian system and as an outcome, can hamper their growth in their careers and lives. It is important to be open to recognizing and connecting with other cultures.

Networking– This involves attending events physically or remotely to connect with people from different backgrounds to form mutual relationships. The relationship you form with your networks are supposed to be mutual and they need to be cultivated. Through these relationships, you can learn more about starting a business, venturing into a new industry, learning about a role and also simply just knowing people. You also get an opportunity to talk about your skills and professional achievements.

Grow your career- Success is about consistently growth. Level up your skills. Learn from others who have made it in your field. Take advantage of free online courses and read available materials. Consider offering services as a volunteer so that you can learn about an organization, the Canadian work culture and also to gain the much sought-after Canadian Experience.

Finally seek a mentor- Most people with mentors tend to succeed faster because they have people holding their hands as they walk the journey of settling in Canada. Your mentor is also your network and you just never know, they may connect you to the right people for your career growth.

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